Risk Management:

Health & Safety legislation can appear complicated and onerous for businesses, however good Health & Safety management and risk management go hand in hand.

If a company manages Health & Safety well, not only do they comply with their legal duties but there is a potential for reduction in claims and hence the possibility for reduced Employers Liability and Public Liability premiums.

Understanding the need for a good Health & Safety structure, we have teamed up with an experienced and knowledgeable risk management professional who has many years experience, especially within the insurance sector and can offer TCF Ellis clients a friendly and practical approach to risk management, ensuring that risks are identified and reduced. This is of particular importance for businesses that suffer from a significant frequency of Employer’s Liability claims. A good risk management system will put in place defences in the event of a claim and mitigate the throughput of attritional claims.


The services include, but are not limited to:

  • The preparation of Health & Safety Documentation which helps you formulate your Health & Safety Policy, Risk Assessments etc in accordance with current legislation
  • The formulation and delivery of Health & Safety training courses
  • Access to competent advice as required by The Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations
  • The formulation of safe working procedures
  • On-going Health & Safety advice 

Insurers undertake surveys of companies to ensure that they are managing Health & Safety effectively. The results of these surveys usually involve actions that can appear quite onerous.  We include professional assistance with any insurance requirements and Health and Safety audits.


The benefits to you as a customer are:

  • Bespoke products
  • The reduction of uninsured costs which are associated with insurance claims
  • You are able to demonstrate to your Insurer a commitment to improving your risk
  • Your business is fully compliant with current legislation
If you would like to know more about our Health & Safety services or you are unclear about anything, please feel free to call us on either 01274 677404 or 07792 701465 and we will be happy to assist. 


Our partners at Lifestyle Financial Management Ltd can offer a full financial planning review for both commercial and individual clients.  This includes a review of existing ‘under-performing’ PENSIONS to improve growth, LIFE Insurance, KEY-MAN cover, SHARE Protection, INVESTMENTS and WEALTH MANAGEMENT. 

For further information, visit
www.lifestylefm.org or call Chris Willett for a free informal chat.

Chris Willett - 07775707390

Lifestyle Financial Management Ltd is a firm of Independent Financial Advisers based in West Yorkshire, England.  We provide advice to both individuals and companies on all aspects of Financial Planning.  We have been established for 25 years.  In this time we have helped hundreds of clients achieve their dreams, as well as guided them through, possibly the toughest and most traumatic periods of their lives.

Here at Lifestyle, we aim to satisfy our client's needs with the most cost effective solution’s to your problems.  Whether it’s, Investment advice, (short and long term,) Retirement planning, Protecting against the unexpected Illness’s and indeed, fatalities in our families, that can turn our lives upside down, in an instant.

Protecting ourselves against these eventualities does not cure our illness’s or bring back our loved ones, but it certainly makes our lives considerably more bearable during the period of time when we are at our most vulnerable.

We also have an Independent Mortgage broker in the team, who will be happy to take care of all your mortgage requirements, whether Commercial or Residential.

During our informal, initial meeting with clients, we establish mutual compatibility. As well as trying to get a feel for your needs and aspirations. If we can’t ‘get on’ there’s no chance of building the long term relationship that’s required. Following this exploratory meeting, and assuming suitable rapport is achieved, we then need to carry out a thorough ‘Fact Find’ to ensure we know what it is, YOU want to achieve with YOUR future. 

After taking time to consider your current situation, your aspirations and the means you have available, to make these ‘Dreams’ a reality.  We then make our recommendations to you.  Regretfully, not always what you want to hear, but an honest, review of where you currently stand, and what you need to do, to achieve YOUR goals.

We insist on annual contact with our clients.  Many Clients take advantage of either a monthly or quarterly meeting. At these review meetings we discuss changing circumstances, current fund performance and if there’s anything we need to change, to keep your investment strategy in line with current trends.  With the recent downturn in the Investment Markets of the world, this pro-active service has proved invaluable to many of our clients.

Our charges can be structured in several ways.  Some of our clients prefer a fee-based approach, whilst others are more comfortable with a commission basis.  Either way will result in us fully disclosing our fees in an open and transparent manner. 

“We all want the finer things in our future, only with the correct advice, which is built around your own, very personal and unique situation, do you stand any chance of reaching for your own Stars”.

Give us a call to arrange a no obligation meeting to discuss your needs. We are here to help and support you, and let you get on with, whatever it is, that you wish to do, with your time!

We look forward to assisting you in the future.


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