Motor Fleet & Commercial Vehicle Insurance

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How many vehicles constitute a motor vehicle fleet?

Most insurance companies will require a minimum of four vehicles to offer a fleet quotation though a small number will quote upon the basis of just 3 vehicles and a couple of providers just 2 vehicles.  This can normally be a mixture of cars and vans and in some cases motorcycles.

If I wish to add extra vehicles during the year can I?

Once the policy is in force insurers will administer their policies in one of two ways.  The first being on a declaration basis which will be set to every 6 months and you are required to notify the insurer/broker of all the vehicles that you require cover for then.  The second and more common being every time you take ownership of a new vehicle you are required to contact the insurer/broker accordingly to add the vehicle to the policy.  You will be able to update the Motor Insurance Database (MID) yourself in most instances.

Who can drive on a motor fleet insurance policy?

Insurers are normally quite accommodating when it comes to the driving restrictions for a fleet policy.  They will either offer cover on the basis of "open driving" which gives any driver any vehicle cover.  If there are high risk vehicles then they may restrict the driving to named drivers only.  If there are any young drivers on the policy they may well be restricted to which vehicles they are allowed to drive. In order to obtain the most competitive premiums for a fleet policy it is best to restrict driving to anybody over 25 or over 30 if possible.

Will I earn any no claims bonus on a motor fleet?

Insurers do not issue a no claims bonus on a motor fleet, instead they provide a claims experience for the fleet itself which gives a breakdown of the number of vehicles, the number of claims in each year and the cost of any claims paid or outstanding.  This works in a similar way to a no claims bonus, the better the fleet runs the cheaper the premium.

I have a rather large family and I would like to have a policy which will combine all of our vehicles together?

This would fall under family fleet insurance and would cover any family member who is named on the policy.  They can drive any of the vehicles; however an insurer may impose certain restrictions in respect of young or inexperienced drivers.  Generally a family fleet policy can be cost effective when there are more vehicles than drivers.


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