TCF Ellis Ltd - Director Statement

With over 15 years’ experience in commercial insurance broking and a further 15 years being devoted to customer service within the retail sales sector, I think I know what the majority of people want and it seems to be the same thing that I do, honesty and fair play!

No matter what product or service a customer is looking to seek advice upon, they simply want honest answers.  Everyone wishes to be able to trust the others around them however more often than not it can be hard to do so, especially when recalling many times before when you have been let down or lied to.  Maybe you were given incorrect advice, supplied a poor product, or worse still hired someone to do a job and in the end felt like you should have done it yourself due to the lack of care and attention which was taken.  Anyway, I am positive everyone has, or will experience poor service within their life and that they will be left feeling disappointed because of it.  

TCF Ellis was formed to be different.  As a result of my own experiences having worked for other companies and having seen what they have done wrong, I will therefore do my utmost to make sure that all TCF Ellis customers receive something different.  

All customers will be treated in the same manner that I myself would wish to be treated.  This means fairly and by always acting honestly, not trying to hide things which may otherwise have affected a customer’s decision, their choice of insurer, or even the end resulting premium.  Plain English will be adopted throughout our documentation and there will be very little use of technical insurance jargon wherever possible, instead explaining things in a way that is easy for all to understand.   Customers will be given the option of proper choice, not simply being faced with a take it or leave it situation.  The usual bully tactics known to be adopted by many broker rivals will not be utilised, the likes of last minute renewal terms, holding customers to ransom just to get rich quick is not good practice! 

I will make sure this business is very different to that which I have seen and experienced in my adult years and I shall instil my beliefs, my way of thinking and my honesty into this business, I also require all future employees of the company to act in the same manner as I and to treat every customer fairly!"

Chris Ellis
(Managing Director of TCF Ellis Ltd)

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So what do our customers think?

(Rapid 3D Prototyping Business - Burnley - Lancashire, North West)

"I have known Chris Ellis for quite some time.  He is an honest hard working individual who is very customer focused.  Chris has always gone the extra mile to accommodate the business insurance requirements that we need.  The level of cover that TCF Ellis has offered is by far more detailed and comprehensive than many other insurance brokers I have used in the past.  The premiums are also surprisingly competitive and Chris will always point out opportunities to save money and increase the level of cover.  His knowledge of business insurance requirements, are second to none.  He has always been helpful and always goes above and beyond to provide a friendly confidential service that I would recommend to anyone or any business.  I wish Chris all the best for the future.  From what I have experienced from using the services of TCF Ellis, the company has a bright future ahead."

James Saunders (Director) 

(Electrical Wholesaler, Distributor & Supplier - Newcastle - Tyne & Wear, North East)

"We first met with Chris Ellis in 2011 and from our first dealings he showed an excellent grasp of his subject and he very quickly understood our business and our insurance requirements.  Furthermore, he succeeded in halving our premiums from the previous year.  We have absolute confidence in Chris and the advice that he gives and we can recommend him unreservedly."

John Mearns (Managing Director)

(Sub-Contract Engineers - Bradford - West Yorkshire, North East) 

"For a businessman, choosing an external adviser for your own company to work closely with is often a huge decision to make.  This does not simply boil down to the price alone, certainly on the brokers side they need to have shown me that they have listened carefully, asked the relevant questions and made me feel confident that they have a proper understanding of everything my business does before acting on my companies behalf.  That's exactly what Chris did!  I cannot express just how thankful I am for his hard working attitude, he spent hours sorting out my complicated insurance policies and I found that unlike the other intermediaries I had spoken with, he actually had a wide understanding of my work and the industries in which I supply.  He designed a bespoke package to cater for every eventuality that my niche industry sector requires.  He carried out a top notch service and presented the entire package to me in a plain English layout which detailed everything in a simplified and easily understandable form.  The policy was an affordable price too and I would have no hesitation in highly recommending TCF Ellis Ltd to others!"

Omar Mahmood (Managing Director

(Car & Vehicle Valeting Business - Harrogate - North Yorkshire, North East)  

"I got to know Chris through my partner who also works within the commercial insurance industry, though she operates on the other side of the fence as an underwriter.  After hearing my partner speaking so highly about Chris and the way in which he operates, I simply had to give him a call with a view to employing his companies services.  I too have had experience within the broking industry some years ago in the Lloyd's marketplace and I understand that there are many loop holes which brokers are known to exploit.  After speaking with Chris myself, I very soon understood why my partner liked him so much and soon enough he became my chosen advisor.  He is very honest and easy to talk to, he goes that extra distance to make you feel a special customer and I have every faith in his knowledge and experience which to be honest really impressed me.  I would wish TCF Ellis good luck, however this company does not need this, it simply needs to be given the opportunities.  A pleasure to deal with and I would highly recommend to anyone."

Timothy Harland (Managing Director)  

(Hotel, Restaurant & Leisure Complex - Blackpool - Lancashire, North West) 

"We are so happy with the results of the work that TCF Ellis did for us that we now feel obliged to let people know about it.  You saved us a small fortune in premium expenditure, plus we were further impressed with just how swiftly you actually generated the quotations.  There were none of the last minute games adopted like we had experienced with our previous broker and we can therefore highly recommend you and your companies services to anyone searching for a reliable and trustworthy insurance adviser."

Adrian Thomas (Proprietor

(Electrical Insulation & Flexible Film Material Manufacturers - Blackburn - Lancashire, North West)

"Our company has dealt with Chris for several years now and he can be relied upon for his straight talking, honesty and a comprehensive knowledge of our business and its insurance needs.  He delivers effective solutions at very competitive rates and is always available with sound advice.  He is trustworthy and highly recommended."

Ian Billing (Financial Director)

(Silicone Sleeve Manufacturer - Blackburn - Lancashire, North West)

“Chris spent the time to discuss and understand our business before putting a package of insurance together that was best tailored to our needs. This resulted in the company not only increasing our cover but at the same time reducing our premium.”

Managing Director & Happy Customer

(Precision Engineers - Oldham - Lancashire, North West) 

“Since meeting Chris I have been really impressed with his extensive knowledge and experience of the manufacturing sector.  He clearly understands our business needs and his approachable and responsive manner ensures we have comprehensive competitive cover placed.”

Mrs Julie Hughes (Financial Director)

(Marine Engineers - Sunderland - Tyne & Wear, North East) 

I have found Chris Ellis of TCF Ellis Ltd to be an absolute pleasure to deal with!  He is very thorough in his research and always gives 110% for his client's to get them the best possible deal!

Michelle Gillespie (Company Secretary)

(Caravan & Camping Equipment Suppliers - Heckmondwike - West Yorkshire, North East)

Many thanks for sorting out our Commercial Combined & Motor Vehicle Fleet insurance policies Chris.  I have to say that the service was efficient and thorough and I cannot believe the amount of extra cover we have been able to negotiate and yet still make a saving.  Good luck with TCF Ellis going forward, not that you will need it.

Michael Maundrill (Director)

(Printing Manufacturers - Liverpool - Merseyside, North West) 

 “I first met Chris in February 2008 when we were renewing our company insurance cover.  He took the trouble to actually understand our business and did a very thorough job indeed, bringing to our attention several inadequacies in our cover.  This again paid off for us in 2013, in spite of our cover being increased, his quote was actually lower than that of our existing broker.  We have been with Chris through 2 previous brokerages and I am confident that he will obtain for us suitable and adequate cover at the best possible price.

Company Secretary and Happy Customer

(Aerial & Satellite Engineers - Hull - East Yorkshire, North East)  

"I have known Chris for many years as we both grew up in the same town.  He is an honest and trustworthy person and I would therefore recommend his company to absolutely any person or any business who may be considering utilising the services of a new insurance broker.  I guarantee that you will be in safe hands, he is fair and unlike the rest of them, he simply wants to earn a living.  He really knows his stuff and is not simply out to rob you blind like many people try to.  I did not realise what the 'TCF' in the company name stood for until Chris explained, it stands for 'Treat Customers Fairly' and that just about sums it up really as that's exactly what he does!"

John Bond (Director)

(Car & Vehicle Valeting Business - Bridlington - East Yorkshire, North East)    

"What a great service!  I am extremely appreciative of what your company has done for mine, low cost premiums, a quick turnaround, professional guidance and honest advice, TCF Ellis Ltd has a great future ahead and I am glad to have found such a caring advisor, thanks Chris and best of luck to you and your business for the future ahead, not that you will need it with the high level of service you provide, your customer service is outstanding!"

Andrew Ramsden (Business Owner) 

(Driveway, Patio & Paving Contractor - Bridlington - East Yorkshire, North East)   

"I only met Chris recently and yet I feel totally confident in his abilities.  Chris comes across as a very knowledgeable insurance professional, he offers a service that is absolutely impeccable and in comparison to my previous advisor's TCF Ellis Ltd are fair, they offer reasonable premiums and they seem to care about my account even though I am only a small business.  Chris Ellis is very honest, straight talking and trustworthy and I know that he works hard for me, I can clearly see this in the results he generates.  The final icing on the cake for me is the fact that TCF Ellis Ltd are so very unlike the many scoundrels in the insurance world and I have come accross many over the years I can tell you, TCF Ellis are different, they are straight talking, they explain everything in plain and simple to follow English and not jargon which I often cannot understand.  They present my renewal terms nice and early and they do not play the bully tactic games that every other insurance company seems to, I therefore have no issues in recommending TCF Ellis Ltd to anybody and everyone, especially those who perhaps feel the same as I used to do, give them a try, they are so different and I have to finish off by saying that I have never experienced customer service as good as this before!  Many thanks indeed!" 

Ian Ingram (Business Owner) 


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