TCF Ellis offer an enhanced service option for all of our commercial clients which is in addition to the usual services which any customer would expect to receive from an intermediary following a major loss.  The enhanced service is known as Loss Recovery and aims to help prevent an insured customer from falling fowl of any loop holes or tactics adopted by the insurer's own Loss Assessor in a bid to reduce payment, slow down proceedings, or possibly even prevent the settlement of any claim.   Loss Recovery provides:

    • A fully qualified and chartered Loss Adjuster offering valuable guidance and support at a time when it is needed the most
    • Greater peace of mind for anyone facing a major loss that there is a claims expert who works for them and not the insurer

Expert claims support with no minimum claim value and no qualifying criteria.  The service entitles you to receive expert loss adjusting assistance for all property, business interruption and liability claims.

We utilise a team of fully qualified and chartered Loss Adjusters, these experts actually work for our clients and not the insurer.  They...

    • Make contact with you immediately after the notification of a complex claim or at any time during the life of a claim as and when required. Attend your premises within 48 hours if needed (or sooner for serious incidents).  The Loss Adjuster will discuss the claim with you, providing you with reassurance that the help you need is right there by your side.
    • Meet the Loss Adjuster appointed by the insurers and help them to conclude their enquiries into policy liability.  Liaising with the right people at the right time which is crucial to the successful outcome of any claim. 
    • Organise contractors to secure and make premises safe (but not to pay for this), to advise you on how to mitigate the loss, to salvage partially or undamaged goods and to minimise disruption to your business.  Also advising on the appointment of specialists that may be required, including engineers, surveyors, valuers or contractors.  Our partners at The Claims Equilibrium Club are experienced and knowledgeable in helping clients to make the right decisions at a very vulnerable time.
    • Advise you on the possibility of alternative premises or the acceptability of incurring increased costs to keep the business functioning profitably.  Common sense advice from professionals with a wealth of experience in helping businesses to survive major losses.
    • Assist in the quantification of a loss and the presentation of evidence relating to it.  Also liaising with your accountant to get the data required to prepare and quantify any Business Interruption claim.  Help and support in an unfamiliar situation for you.
    • Negotiate settlement of the claim with the insurance company‚Äôs Loss Adjuster and arrange for any interim payments where required.  Pro-active working to ensure the settlement is not to your disadvantage.  Our partners at The Claims Equilibrium Club will resist any unjustified repudiations and support you throughout the ordeal.  Ordinarily, Insurers will arrange for the investigation of Liability claims made against their customer and conduct the claim entirely themselves.  This bespoke product includes technical advice upon liability matters; it also provides valuable guidance on policy compliance issues.

NB.  This product is offered to all TCF Ellis Ltd customers at the point of inception of their commercial policies (where applicable).  This product is offered in addition to our own claims management service.  The Enhanced Claims Service is an additional product and is therefore chargeable.  As this product is classed as 'a service', it is exempt from Insurance Premium Tax.  TCF Ellis Ltd negotiates subsidised rates to cover the first 5, 10, 20 or 30 hours of a Loss Adjuster's time.  You may also purchase further time if required, terms and conditions apply.  For larger clients and High Net Worth home owners, we also offer an 'unristricted and unlimited service', terms and conditions apply.


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